Cow Gallery: A Selection of Works from Events, Past and Present

Doppy (Click Here)

Doppy (more…)

Artist: Susie West

Sponsor: AEW UK South East Office Fund

Moo C.A. (Click Here)

Moo C.A. (more…)

Artist: Margaux Carpentier, Graduate, University for the Creative Arts

Sponsor: University for the Creative Arts

Clarabelle (Click Here)

Clarabelle (more…)

Artist: Lauren Terry

Sponsor: Coverwood Farm

Highway Cow’d (Click Here)

Highway Cow’d (more…)

Artist: Tiffany Budd

Sponsor: KIER

Milkshake Maker (Click Here)

Milkshake Maker (more…)

Artist: Lucy Dorothy Nichols & Matt Mitchell

Sponsor: Surrey Hill Enterprises

Dixie (Click Here)

Dixie (more…)

Artist: Hayley Cooper

Sponsor: Smith & Western Bar-Grill-Diner

Daisy (Click here)

Daisy (more…)

Artist: Peter Blake

Sponsor: Surrey Hills Enterprises

Have a Butcher’s

Have a Butcher’s (more…)

Artist: Diana Boyle

Sponsor: Waitrose

Jewels (Click here)

Jewels (more…)

Artist: Ruth Wheeler

Sponsor:Downs Solicitors LLP

Queenie (Click Here)

Queenie (more…)

Artists: Susan Meers & the R C Sherriff Trust Elders Project

Sponsor: Downs Solicitors LLP

Rose (Click Here)

Rose (more…)

Artist: Nina Nott

Sponsor: Waitrose

Sunny Meadow (Click Here)

Sunny Meadow (more…)

Artist: Nicky Chubb

Sponsor: Waitrose

Parsley (Click Here)

Parsley (more…)

Artist:Margaret Kyriacou

Sponsor: Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Cow Patina (Click Here)

Cow Patina (more…)

Artist: Changing Perceptions

Sponsor: The Chairman of Surrey County Council

Watermoo (Click Here)

Watermoo (more…)

Artist: Stacey Allan & young cancer patients supported by CLIC Sargent

Sponsor: Briars Group

Bunnyhop (Click Here)

Bunnyhop (more…)

Artist: Laurie King

Sponsor: Open House Creative

Lily (Click Here)

Lily (more…)

Artist: Sneaky Raccoon

Sponsor: Skanska and John Laing

Sandy (Click Here)

Sandy (more…)

Artist: Liz Armstrong

Sponsor: Sandown Park

Sally C (Click Here)

Sally C (more…)

Artist: Vikki Gibson

Sponsor: Dunsfold Wings & Wheels

Ermintrude (Click Here)

Ermintrude (more…)

Artist: Jill Flower

Sponsor: Downs Solicitors LLP

True Colours (Click Here)

True Colours (more…)

Artist: Stuart Semple

Sponsor: Surrey Hills Enterprises

Leafy Cow (Click Here)

Leafy Cow (more…)

Artist: Tiffany Dowling

Sponsor: Hart Brown Solicitors

Reading Mooterial (Click Here)

Reading Mooterial (more…)

Artist: Opcyon Design

Sponsor: Opcyon

Rainbow Cow (Click Here)

Rainbow Cow (more…)

Artist: Vikki Gibson

Sponsor: GA Telesis

Cycling Moo Ka (Click Here)

Cycling Moo Ka (more…)

Artist: Charles Rowbotham

Sponsor: we are cycling, The cyclists’ champion UK

Multiplication Mooo

Multiplication Mooo (more…)

Artist: Guy Allen

Sponsor: Lydling Farm Aberdeen Angus

Claremoo Cow (Click Here)

Claremoo Cow (more…)

Artist: Emily Ketteringham

Sponsor: Ecclesiastical & Robins Row

Immoovate Guildford (Click Here)

Immoovate Guildford (more…)

Artist: Poppy Porter

Sponsor: Innovate Guildford

Flora (Click Here)

Flora (more…)

Artist: Bella Trowbridge & Abi Charge-Thornton

Sponsor: STIHL

Moolissa (Click Here)

Moolissa (more…)

Artist: Shannon Morris, the Students of Farnborough College and Thomas Duncan Bell

Sponsor: The Friary Guildford

Heritage Cow (Click Here)

Heritage Cow (more…)

Artist: Anna Whittle

Sponsor: Strata Tiles & Scott Brownrigg

Amoolia Earhart (Click Here)

Amoolia Earhart (more…)

Artist: Storm Creative Partnership

Sponsor: Gatwick Airport

Frontier Cow (Click Here)

Frontier Cow (more…)

Artist: Alexander Creswell

Sponsor: The Duke of Northumberland & The Albury Estate

BoxHilda (Click Here)

BoxHilda (more…)

Artist: The Pupils of Box Hill School

Sponsor:Inspirational Box Hill School

Blue Cow Bone China (Click Here)

Blue Cow Bone China (more…)

Artist: Judith Elsinghorst-Kratz

Sponsor: Field Place Farm

Mahana Mooo (Click Here)

Mahana Mooo (more…)

Artist: Claire Vorstman

Sponsor: Van Arnhem Nursery

Cherry Moo (Click Here)

Cherry Moo (more…)

Artists: Artists from Porta Romana

Sponsor: Cherry Trees

Glorious Guildford (Click Here)

Glorious Guildford (more…)

Artist: Colette Clegg

Sponsor: Property House Marketing

Camelia (Click Here)

Camelia (more…)

Artist: The children, families & staff members at Shooting Star Chase Christopher’s Hospice

Sponsor: LC Energy

Jane Bond (Click Here)

Jane Bond (more…)

Artist: onebite

Sponsor: TRAK365

Faith (Click Here)

Faith (more…)

Artist: Sarah Fenner, Creative Minds

Sponsor: Surrey County Council Children’s Rights Service

Jess (Click Here)

Jess (more…)

Artist: Alison G Saunders

Sponsor: NaviSite – A Time Warner Cable Company

Trusty (Click Here)

Trusty (more…)

Artist: Ali Clarke

Sponsor: Neil Maltby

Minna Moo (Click Here)

Minna Moo (more…)

Artist: Minna George

Sponsor: Vines Group BMW

Pilgrim (Click Here)

Pilgrim (more…)

Artist: Becci Kenning & the pupils of King’s College, Guildford

Sponsor: Surrey Hills Enterprises

Mirror Moo (Click Here)

Mirror Moo (more…)

Artist: Spray Chrome UK

Sponsor: Surrey Hill Enterprises

Sacred Cow (Click Here)

Sacred Cow (more…)

Artist: Peter Haslam-Fox

Sponsor: AB Alarms

Lucha Vaca Loca (Click Here)

Lucha Vaca Loca (more…)

Artist: Julian Brenninkmeijer

Sponsor: Surrey Swimming Pools

The Locomootive (Click Here)

The Locomootive (more…)

Artist: The Artventure Trust

Sponsor: >Great Western Rail

Greenfields (Click Here)

Greenfields (more…)

Artist: The Grange Centre

Sponsor: Denbies Wine Estate

The Star Cow (Click Here)

The Star Cow (more…)

Artist: Pure Evil

Sponsor: Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants

Ermincloud (Click Here)

Ermincloud (more…)

Artist: Lisa Sutcliffe

Sponsor: Fordway

Alfie (Click Here)

Alfie (more…)

Artist: Helen Pittick
Sponsor: Cracknore and Kilbride

The Woodyer Cow (Click Here)

The Woodyer Cow (more…)

Artist: James Nairne & Mark Weighton

Sponsor: Cranleigh School

Painted Lady (Click Here)

Painted Lady (more…)

Artist: Kirstin Wood

Sponsor: BELRON International Ltd

Convalescing Cow (Click Here)

Convalescing Cow (more…)

Artist: Peter Sampson

Sponsor: The Clavadel, part of The Geoghegan Group