Cow Gallery: A Selection of Works from Events, Past and Present

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CowParade Manchester, UK 2005

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CowParade Transhumance 2015 (Paris, France)

Al Weiwei, named the “most powerful artist in the world” by the Art Review. Read more about this internationally renowned artist and political activist.


Title: “Vacanja”
City: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Location: R. Lauro Muller, 116 – Botafogo – Shopping Rio Sul
Artist: Dilea Frate
Sponsor: Porto Seguro

Moo-ve Over for Minnie

Title: “Moo-ve Over for Minnie”
City: Houston, TX
Location: Tranquillity Park: Smith and Walker
Artist: Cisco Tucker Kolkmeier
Sponsor: John and Triphene Middleton

Houston, You Have a Problem

Title: “Houston, You Have a Problem”
City: Houston, TX
Location: Uptown Park: Post Oak and West Loop South
Artist: Helen Peter
Sponsor: J.A. Elkins, Jr. Family


Title: “Gentileza”
City: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Location: Av. Epitácio Pessoa, s/nº – Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
Artist: Marcelo Ghizi
Sponsor: Porto Seguro

“E” is COOL

City: Prague, Czech Republic
Location: U Prašné brány 1
Artist: Robert Jašek
Sponsor: Europolis Invest

70 let Symfonického orchestru hl. m. Prahy

City: Prague, Czech Republic
Location: nam. Republiky 1090/5
Artist: Brian Drury
Sponsor: Město Praha