The Cows Invade Recife Brazile!

Recife Pait

Quem andar pelas ruas da Região Metropolitana do Recife a partir desta sexta-feira (27) pode se deparar com uma invasão de vacas coloridas. Cinquenta e três delas, para ser exato. Trata-se da CowParade, uma das maiores intervenções urbanas ao ar livre do mundo, que ocupa a capital pernambucana até o dia 26 de novembro com esculturas feitas em fibra de vidro e decoradas pelas mãos artistas locais, selecionados dentre 457 projetos inscritos e avaliados por um júri especial, além de convidados.

Those who walk the streets of the Metropolitan Region of Recife from this Friday (27th) may come across an invasion of colorful cows. Fifty-three of them, to be exact. It is CowParade, one of the largest outdoor urban interventions in the world, which occupies the capital of Pernambuco until November 26 with sculptures made of fiberglass and hand-decorated local artists, selected among 457 projects registered and evaluated by a special jury, as well as guests.

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The Dashi Award, Special Design Event in China!


“CowParade” Creative Design Competition


Dash Award New

CowParade is pleased to announce its partnership with the prestigious Dashi Award, China’s national design competition.

The press conference to introduce the 19th National Design Dashi Award , ”CowParade” Creative Design Competition will be held at the famous Eslite Spectrum Suzhou in the city of Suzhou, China on May 3, 2017.

Prominent figures from field of design, the creative industry and art colleges, venture capital firms, and the media will be invited to attend.  The press conference will introduce the idea of the Dashi Award and will announce the competition rules for the Dashi Newcomers Award and the Special Prize.  The “Let Me Speak for the Dashi Award” event will be held with subjects related to how design can be integrated with innovative business models.

35 - MUCCA HIPPYThe Dashi Award this year highlights its collaboration with CowParade, the world’s largest and longest-running, public art event. The CowParade collaboration will connect the cultural and creative CowParade brand  with young, Chinese designers in an effort to connect the industry and academia, which has always been the purpose of the Dashi Award.  Life-size cows and CowParade art work from its worldwide events will be on display outside and inside Eslite Bookstore to educate the public about the CowParade movement within a relaxed setting.

The exhibit will last for one month, beginning May 2, 2017.  Also on display all be the Dayuan architectural models of renowned architect C.Y. Lee, who is a part of the “Let Me Speak for the Dashi Award” event. Those models will be on display from April 25 through May 4. Come to Eslite Bookstore to experience the charm of an international master of architecture!

8102-"Cow-moo-flage" Adam C. Rini / CHC 8176-A "June Ann Reta" Stacy Holt / The Country Club Plaza  8127-A "KC Sacred Cow (Bling-Bling) Rebecca L. Miller

About the National Design Dashi Award

It is a design competition with the broadest scope, the greatest number of participants, and the longest history in China.

  • Since it was established in 1998, there have been 18 successful design competitions with a total of 104,154 entries, among which 15,584 have obtained national patents in industrial design and 5,300 have been awarded at the outstanding level or above.
  • Participants include students, teachers, professional designers, and others from more than 1,000 colleges/institutions in 23 provinces, 4 direct municipalities, 2 special administrative regions, and 4 autonomous regionsScreen 2017-04-24 at 3.57.31 PM
  • Entries participating in the competition range across graphic design, industrial products, environment landscapes, clothing, industrial art, animation design, and intelligent interactions
  • The theme of the competition is closely connected with the pulse of the time.  It allows the public to witness the impact of design on important stages of the development of China.  It has successfully collaborated closely with government institutions and well-known companies such as the Beijing Olympic Committee, the Shanghai EXPO, the Shanghai Pudong Region, the Zhangjiang Creativity Park, Siemens of Germany, Hong Kong Shui On Group, Jiangsu Little Swan, Zhejiang Guyue Longshan, Dongyang Woodcarving City, Jingde Zhen City and Taizhou City.
  • Judges are important domestic and international figures with great impact such as renowned professors, design masters, and industry leaders.  By adopting review standard and concepts with a global perspective, it impacts the direction of the development of design in China.

The competition’s mission is to be is the most authoritative design competition in China.

Media. In-depth reports by authoritative professional domestic media have generated broad and deep impact domestically and worldwide.

  • Broadcast media include CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-IO, CETV-1, Dragon Television, Jiangsu Television, Zhejiang Television, Shanghai Television, Shanghai Educational Television, China Educational Television, Travel Television, Fashion Group, Trends Group (Media Division),, iQIYI, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Tudou, Youku, Sina Weibo, CVUnion, China Youth News, Beijing News, Wen Hui Bao, Xinmin Afternoon News, Finance News, Waitan News, Xinhua Network, China Industrial Design Network, Decorating Magazine, Packaging and Design,, China Design Education Network, Design Online, Visual China, and Xingying Alliance,  reaching 200 million readers

Screen 2017-04-13 at 3.53.05 PM

A Brand New Concept for the Dashi Award: BEST DESIGN, BEST YOU!

The 19th Dashi AwarDash Award Newd has a brand new concept, which is to connect successful business models with design education. This will allow young designers to further understand market demand and enhance their creative thinking.  At the same time the concept of globalization will connect the momentum of Chinese development to global creative resources through the evaluation of BEST DESIGN to discover the BEST YOU.

These Dashi Award are divided into two categories –  “New Graduate Award” and “Special CowParade Award”.  The “New Graduate Award” focuses on upcoming design graduates of art schools, collecting their graduate design pieces in seven areas, includi
ng graphic design, industrial products, environment landscapes, clothing, industrial art, animation design, and intelligent interactions.

Screen 2017-04-13 at 12.03.58 PM

The “New Graduates Award” will include winners in six overall dimensions, including creativity, esthetics, functionality, experience, logic, and market.  Those with the most value in terms of commercial development, marketability, and potential to extend to other industries will be awarded the “Best New Graduate Award”.

The “Special CowParade Award” encompasses a broader range of participants, including students, teachers, and professional designers, to instill well-known international brand intellectual property with creative momentum and inspiration from China.

Screen 2017-04-25 at 7.51.15 PM

About CowParade


“CowParade” is the largest and most successful public art exhibit, city marketing, and charity event worldwide.  It originates from the public art exhibit in Zurich in 1998.  In 1999, Jerry Elbuam, the founder of CowParade produced the first event in the USA in the city of Chicago. In 2000, New York held the largest CowParade to date, with 450 painted cows, which were seen by over 45 million people. The Chicago and New York events gave the CowParade brand international recognition. The event has since blossomed throughout the world and has been organized in over 80 cities.

CowParade Istanbul Logo CowParade MARSEILLE CowParade Milano CowParade Monaco Logo CowParade Moscow Logo CowParade Niseko Logo CowParade NYC Logo COP Cow Parade

“Let Me Speak for the Dashi Award” Events

  • The “Let Me Speak for the Dashi Award” events will invite industry leaders who identify with the values and concept of the Dashi Awards to share the journey behind their “Best Design” and the ingenuity that allows them to achieve the “Best you”.  The founder of Fangtang Town, Wang Lijiang; the founder of Dashu Wujie, Song Yanbo; and the founder of CosmoLove of Trends Group, Leng Yuxuan will share with the audience their wonderful stories. At that time, the Dashi Award will sign a strategic agreement with Fangtang Town related to the “Let Me Speak for the Dashi Award” series of events.


  • Dayuan Architecture design model exhibit.  Looking back upon its path of growth, Dayuan Architecture has developed various architectural works with its distinctive professional ability.  Its most important achievement has been to provide different levels of services which vary by project, including urban and architectural planning, building and interior design.  Through its excellent design, it can resolve issues from all perspectives, and its familiarity with architectural technology allows the company to meet any challenge of overall planning and design in multiple arenas.

Screen 2017-04-25 at 7.51.15 PM