CowParade Hong Kong 2013

CowParade Hong Kong 2013

The Link + Lamborghini 50th + CowParade

CowParade opened a special event in Hong Kong on 27 April 2013.  In partnership with The Link and Lamborghini, the Lambborghini HK + The Link + CowParade event features six cows created by renowned artists and designers from around the world. The event is a celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary, and the featured cows were created in the Lamborghini spirit – Extreme, Italian, Uncompromising. Five of the cows were sold ata live auction conducted y Poly Auction (Hong Kong) for the benefit of Heifer International and Giving Love. The super car cows raised over $100,000 (USD) for these worthy charities.

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The Lamborghini HK + The Link + CowParade Officially Opens!

The excitement kicked off on 27 April 2013 with a “parade” of thirty Lamborghinis, which began in the financial center of Hong Kong and mooo’ved to Stanley Plaza. Once at Stanley Plaza, the thirty Lamborghinis joined five Lamborghni-inspired cows which were unveiled along with five matching Lamborghinis. The five cows were then sold at auction and raised over $100,000 (USD) for Heifer International and Giving Hope. Click Here to view the Kick-Off Event.

The Lamborghini HK + The Link + CowParade event features a month long display of the cows, along with an online auction of mini cows painted by celebrities and designers. Click Here to view the official event website and get involved.

Opening Event

Check Out the Special Lamborghinis.

Click Here to check out the special Lamborghini cars adapted from the Cow designs. Simply Extraordinary.

The five Lamborghinis designed from their counterpart cows were unveiled on 17 April 2013. They are simply Extraordinary.

Live Auction Raises $100,000 (USD)

On 27 April 2013, the five special Lamborghini-inspired cows were sold at auction, bringing in 821,000 (HK) or $110,000 (USD). Below is a listing of the cow auction prices.

1. Extraordinary: HK$110,000
2. La Strada: HK$60,000
4. Cowborghini-cow: HK$101,000
5. Acted At Heart: HK$500,000
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Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza 2013 Exhibition

Date: April 28 to May 19, 2013

Venue: Stanley Plaza Amphitheatre

The campaign presents an unprecedented crossover between Lamborghini and CowParade. Based on the design philosophy of Lamborghini – Extreme, Italian, Uncompromising –  five world-class artitst and designers have created works of art on a common canvas, a life-size CowParade cow. The artists include Canto-pop superstar Aaron Kwok; Mankey, Japanese designer from the fashion label A Bathing Ape; Italian floral artist Emilio Robba; Billy the Artist, a contemporary artist from New York; and Lamborghini HK.

Mini Moos and More!

To promote local community charity projects and art development, 50 emerging local designers, fashion icons and design students have been invited to design and paint 6″ cow figurines, which will be exhibited in the “Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza”.

If that is not enough, we have created a 6″ replica of the life-size cow designed by Lamborghini HK. A limited edition set of 100 of the 6″ replicas will be made.

The fifty 6″ cow figurines by local designers plus the 100 limited edition cows will be available for purchase by auction on the event’s official website ( for auction 28 April to 19 May.

Check Out the Designs.

The designs are in. Check them out today!

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days…