CowParade Valenciennes 2013

CowParade travels to Valenciennes, France in the summer and fall of 2013!  Blank cows will arrive in town in August and will be painted by local and regional artists in a common studio. The cows will go “on parade” for public display 12 September 2013 through 6 November 2013. The cows will be sold at auction on 6 November 2013 at 6:30 PM. Click Here to learnmore about this exciting event.

Calendar of Events


What: Opening Press Conference by the event organizers and city leaders

Where: Town Hall, Valenciennes, France

Wednesday, August 28 – Tuesday, September 10. GRAND ARTISTS WORKSHOP

What: Local and regional artists will work together in a giant workshop, open to the public.

Where:  Salle VIP du Hainaut Complexe Sportif Pierre Carous Rue des Glacis – Valenciennes

Wednesday, September 11. OPENING CEREMONY

What: Grand opening of CowParade Valenciennes at l’Atelier des Artistes in the presence of personalities from the artistic and cultural media.

Where: l’Atelier des Artistes, Salle VIP du Hainaut Complexe Sportif Pierre Carous Rue des Glacis – Valenciennes

Thursday, September 12 – Thursday, November 6, 2013. COWS “ON PARADE”

What: New cow masterpieces by Valenciennes’ artists go “on parade”. Each cow will be on display, free of charge to the public.

Where: Valenciennes, France

November 6, 6:30 PM.  LIVE AUCTION

What: CowParade Valenciennes concludes with a live auction of the cows to benefit one or more local charities. The cows will be auction under the hammer of a renowned auctioneer.

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