DASHI + CowParade

The final evaluation of China’s 19th National Design Master Award and the Benniu Cup Creative Design Competition was held on July 18th in Shanghai, China.

Professor Lin Jiayang, founder of the National Design Master Award, and Jerry Elbaum, founder and Chairman of CowParade, led 11 final judges from the fields of fashion, culture and art in a final review of the designs.

The National Design Master Awards Organizing Committee organized a call for entries to the country’s top and aspiring artists and designers. They were challenged to create designs utilizing CowParade’s selection of three cow shapes. Exactly 9097 cow designs have been received in addition to thousands of designs submitted for the Benniu Award and the Jin Award.

The panel of judges selected 20 winning cow designs for the CowParade part of the competition.

About the National Design Dashi Award

It is a design competition with the broadest scope, the greatest number of participants, and the longest history in China.

  • Since it was established in 1998, there have been 18 successful design competitions with a total of 104,154 entries, among which 15,584 have obtained national patents in industrial design and 5,300 have been awarded at the outstanding level or above.
  • Participants include students, teachers, professional designers, and others from more than 1,000 colleges/institutions in 23 provinces, 4 direct municipalities, 2 special administrative regions, and 4 autonomous regionsScreen 2017-04-24 at 3.57.31 PM
  • Entries participating in the competition range across graphic design, industrial products, environment landscapes, clothing, industrial art, animation design, and intelligent interactions
  • The theme of the competition is closely connected with the pulse of the time.  It allows the public to witness the impact of design on important stages of the development of China.  It has successfully collaborated closely with government institutions and well-known companies such as the Beijing Olympic Committee, the Shanghai EXPO, the Shanghai Pudong Region, the Zhangjiang Creativity Park, Siemens of Germany, Hong Kong Shui On Group, Jiangsu Little Swan, Zhejiang Guyue Longshan, Dongyang Woodcarving City, Jingde Zhen City and Taizhou City.
  • Judges are important domestic and international figures with great impact such as renowned professors, design masters, and industry leaders.  By adopting review standard and concepts with a global perspective, it impacts the direction of the development of design in China.

The competition’s mission is to be is the most authoritative design competition in China.

The Winning Designs

What Are We Drinking

Artist: Jiatao Shi

What Are We Drinking

Tea Cow

Artist: Guoren Chen

Tea Cow

Firedancing cow of the Yi ethnic group

Artist: Peirong Yu

Good Morning Shanghai!

Artists: Yongyan Wu & Ya Peng

Liuzhou Jade Cow

Artists: Hengui Li

Liuzhou Jade Cow Artist: Henghui Li

Machinery Revolution

Artists: Yiqun Shu

Machinery Revolution Artist: Yiqun Shu

Distant Seas

Artist: Wenya Zeng

Distant Seas Artist: Wenya Zeng

Reality and Dream

Artist: Dongmei Chen

Reality and Dream Artist: Dongmei Chen


Artist: Wenyuan Xiang

Blue & White Porcelain

Artist: Xiaoxuan Huang

Spring Cow

Artist: Xingzhen Tan

Pregnant City-Born

Artist: Jiangcheng Yi

Reunion of Husband and Wife

Artist: Jiji Li

Lucky Cow

Artists: Duo Dai and Mei Wang


Artist: Lu Zhang


Artists: Yuhui Gui, Changyuan Huang and Yang Luo

Afu Doll Cow

Artist: Mingy Chen

Autumn Scent of the Mountain Chrysanthemum

Artist: Keying Zong

White Muse

Artist: Shuxin Che