Abstract Bovinism (Click Here)

Abstract Bovinism (more…)

Artist: Maggie Ragatz

Sponsor: Gardens By Gabriel

Beneficiary: Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo



About the Artist:

I am an Abstract Expressionist painter masquerading as a business owner in Morro Bay, California. My husband Gabriel and I own and operate Gardens by Gabriel, Inc., a custom San Luis Obispo county based landscape company that celebrates our environment, our customers, and our team with every installation. As a painter I’m captivated by the moment of the paint’s progress on canvas. As such my work is more about the dance of the brushstroke than the subject matter, although subjects do emerge.

When I paint, I answer a series of simple, unconscious questions that are felt rather than thought.
For example: How do these colors relate to one another, millimeter by millimeter? What does the canvas need in this spot, and in this one? What will happen if I add some white/yellow/olive green? And so on. More than painting, I feel eavesdropping on a conversation as I simultaneously allow it to be born.