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Artist: Brandy Maynard

Sponsor: Oso Libre

Beneficiary: Oso Libre Por Vida Charity Foundation



About the Artist:

My name is Brandy Maynard, I grew up in an artistic family and was always encouraged to push my boundaries with what I could create. I was never without, clay paint or crayons at my finger tips. When I was young I would sit and watch my grandmother paint amazing things, so one day I picked up a brush and some old house paint, and that was it. I was hooked.

Since my first attempts with a brush, I have been a featured artist throughout the county. I have also helped with sets, participated in open art studios and even painted a building or two. Anything to get my hands covered in paint.

Tell us about “Dia de la Toro”…

I look forward to creating my “Dia de la Toro” because it is not my standard canvas. I want to explore the angles and use new mediums to build the skeletal system. I have always been fascinated with the traditional art and heritage associated with the day of the dead and really look forward to putting my own look with the traditional. I have always been inspired by the bright colors and flowers with just a hint of a dark element. And I love the thought of doing something on such a large scale.