Dia de Los Moouertos

Dia de Los Moouertos (more…)

Artist: Neal Breton & Missy Reitner-Cameron

Sponsor: San Luis Obispo, Chamber of Commerce

Beneficiary: Leadership San Luis Obispo


About the Artists:

Neal Breton:

Neal Breton, a New Hampshire native, has been a professional artist for twenty years. He studied painting at Pasadena City College under Douglas Bond, a successful and published artist known for his realistic representations.

After a 25 year stint in Los Angeles, Breton moved to San Luis Obispo where he opened a short-lived art supply store and met all kinds of weirdos.

Currently he can be found at The Bunker, a cooperative artist space.

Missy Reitner-Cameron:

Having taken a break from painting over the last 17 years, Missy Reitner-Cameron is back to getting her hands dirty with paint. After graduating from Cal Arts in 1994, Missy decided to get into graphic design. While still doing fresh design at the company she founded ( iii ) DESIGN in beautiful San Luis Obispo, Missy has gone back to her painting and is loving every minute of it.

Missy can be found at the Bunker most days in a pair of paint covered overalls and a smile on her face.

Tell us about “Dia de Los Moooouertos Cow”…

The Dia de Los M0000uertos Cow is inspired by the mission itself. we wanted to make a piece of art that honors one of the most celebrated cultural events in the Catholic Church. The Dia de Los Muertos celebration in San Luis Obispo has been growing in popularity thanks to our vibrant Hispanic community members and

We hope this cow will serve as a visible reminder of loved ones that have passed.