Gladys the Town Cow (Click Here)

Gladys the Town Cow (more…)

Artist: Carol Paulsen

Sponsor: Harmony California

Beneficiaries: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage  Foundation &  The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County



About the Artist: 

My art has been described as “unrealistically real with a twist of magic.”
I work from real life and imagination. I have kept large, strange insects and reptiles alive in my studio while using them as models for giant sculptures and paintings. I helped paint a very big mural of the Pacific reef for the Valley Children’s Hospital in Fresno, California, and I have painted many other murals public and private. I participated in “The Art of Guitar”, a traveling show by Gibson Guitar. I paint peoples collections. I have worked with children in the arts in all mediums. Last year I illustrated a children’s book about dragons by Jane McDonald, look for “Hagassis and Anawynd”, coming soon. I have worked with our local environmental center creating paintings for a pamphlet on how to rid your house of insects without using pesticides…that was fun! I have participated in many solo and group shows throughout the states where my work has been collected. It has also been licensed and published in posters, magazines, books, wallpaper and fabric. Currently I am painting a series of large oils on canvas under the title of “She Stared Life Boldly in the Face”. We’ll see where that takes me.

Why did you paint “Gladys the Town Cow”?

I have been living and making art in this county since I was ten. When I heard about the CowParade coming to town I jumped in, I like it’s history and it sounded like fun. Using the town of Harmony for inspiration, I painted “Gladys the Town Cow”, named after my mother who grew up on a farm in Ohio surrounded by corn and cows. The town of Harmony is my muse because it is an iconic gem of the central coast with a history of dairy, plus I like their Ice Cream!