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Artist: Labri Ferreira

Sponsor: KSBY6

Beneficiary: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage Foundation & The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County


About the Artist:

media_3Labri Ferreira grew up with an artistically inclined mother which gave her the drive to become an artist at a young age. She mostly works with acrylic paint and pencil. Labri took art classes in high school and college and continues to try new art mediums. In the last year outdoor art has become her new passion. Ms. Ferreira seeks to create unique, thought provoking, colorful works of art. For the past 10 years she has worked at a local TV station as a director and sees directing as another art outlet.

Tell us about “Media Moo”?

Media Moo is a combination of all things in the media realm, heavily influenced by my work at the local TV station.

I wanted Media Moo to showcase all of the essential parts that come together in making a TV station run smoothly, beginning with lots of vivid color.
On Side 1: real audio fader knobs will be attached onto a painted image of an audio board, to create a visual 3D effect. While the TV itself will be directly painted on, the knobs – along with an antenna in the rear – will be applied thereafter.

On Side 2: a camera lens will be the 3D feature. Keys from a keyboard on the cow. Finally, a solar “ON AIR” light will then be positioned in the rear, ready to light up the night sky once the sun sets.