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Artist: Bouba Boumaiz

Sponsor: Cal Poly CAFES Class of 2020 Donor

Beneficiary: Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


About the Artist: 

micow_Bouba BoumaizBouba has been sculpting for over 15 years using various materials, such as wood, stone and clay, but specializes in the use of metal.

Departing from common uses of steel, bronze and other metal alloys in sculpture. Bouba uses a specific method of welding where metal is adhered into a rudimentary skeletal frame. He constructs form, inch by inch allowing the sculpture to take on form as the work progresses.

This painstaking and tedious technique is his hallmark and allows his true creativity to flow and develop. The sculpture transforms whit it is created. Bouba uses no molds, sketches, prototypes or models.

This is where art takes control and I follow its lead. I don’t work from an initial sketch. I give free rein to my imagination. The work takes shape under fire and hammer. These are not reflective works; many of my works emanate certain unconsciousness

Tell us about your “Micow Distillery”?

The “Micow Distillery” is a well riveted and well grounded cow. Her discharge is auto recycled, producing methane. It’s her precious gas that fuels her steam engine allowing her to process her own micro distillate. She doesn’t need to graze anywhere because she can feed and breathe through her magic barrel!!

More About Bouba Boumaiz: www.facebook.com/bouba.boumaiz