Not So Gaudi (Click Here)

Not So Gaudi (more…)

Artist: Ted Emrick

Sponsors: Discover Morro Bay & City of Morro Bay

Beneficiaries: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage Foundation & The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County


About the Artist:

Ted has balanced decades as a professional artist with the fulfilling adventures of surfing, world travel, parenting, community service, environmentalism and a never-ending quest for innovative and beneficial concepts. As a longtime resident of the Central Coast of California, Ted appreciates that he’s surrounded and inspired by natural beauty and open thinkers.

Ted earned his B.A. degree at the San Francisco Art Intitute. / Surfing For Hope of the Hearst Cancer Resource Center asked Ted to create custom art trophies for their fundraiser surf contest. Emrick Studios hosted Gumby Studios for the production/design of Art Clokey’s final Gumby segments aired on ABC-TV. Ted also assisted with set designs for the productions. / Upon SLOMA’s request, Ted created a stacked glass sculpture, ‘Emerald Tower’, for the museum’s main entrance. / Ted hosted the Baywood Climate Fest: Central Coast Global Climate March & Float in conjunction with 1600+ worldwide events advocating action on climate change from world leaders convening at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, 2015. / In support of learning and creativity, Ted continues to volunteer his time and knowledge at educational institutions of every level. Ted has donated countless hours and materials as a guest lecturer for Cal Poly’s Materials Science course, as an artist-in-residence at Morro Bay High School’s Ceramics classes. / Ted has traveled internationally visiting and studying indigenous and ancient art of Greece, Turkey, Italy, England, Tahiti, Tobago, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and throughout the U.S.

Tell us what inspired you and your class to create “Not so Gaudi”?

As an artist and nature-lover, I feel compelled to help make our planet’s future more aesthetically appealing. Ocean and sky blues. Forest and leafy greens. The brilliant whites of ice and snow. Clean, clean life-giving water.

Let us all help paint a global picture of health for our planet and all the wondrous existence it supports.

As a parent, I feel compelled – obligated – to not only do everything I can to ensure our children and generations-to-come have a chance to live in health and peace, but to also model to the next generations the importance of caring for our environment and for the well-being of all life. Let us focus on what positive action can be taken now in small and big ways to create a sustainable, peaceful and artful mindset near and far.