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Artist: Sharon Harris

Sponsor: Serra Hotels and Resorts

Beneficiaries: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage Foundation & The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County


About the Artist:

There is something spontaneous that happens on the surface of a work that is at once a part of the subject and an integral working of the media as well as a part of myself. By that I meant, the nature or chemistry of creating a painting. The very application of paint with a brush on a canvas with the intent of representing a form begins a process that moves me as the artist, in a direction requiring endless decisions, not all conscious. To this end, the layering or scraping of paint, marking with crayon or knife, all contribute to the effect that conveys a textural structure to support an expressive whole; that of the idea of the subject.

My purpose is to keep the format informal by using mental images allowing the oil media to predominate, thereby forming the setting, the ground, developed in the paint, take on the expression or attitude which covey mood and feeling.
Although the appearance may seem casual, certainly the nuances or subtleties of line referring to an image, is the suggested point of interest. Added to this a color which is the overriding sense of expression. None of these elements are planned, but each are found, explored, worked, and reworked until a pleasing and satisfying result is achieved. None are happier than those which are spontaneous and successful! The goal is not to be literal in the effort, but to explore thought, ideas and how expression of the shapes in oil may be defined. Further, I would hope to become more abstract in my efforts in exploring the dimensions of the composition. Specifically, can spontaneous application worked in the alla prima style with a textural approach find enough elucidation to support this context in an artistic manner? Rendering the painting, exploring the form, inconstantly dynamic states is worthy of pursuit in any media. for the moment I find it challenging, exciting and satisfying to pursue in oil on canvas.

About the Cow:

When asked to participate in The Cow Parade for the Hotel Serra, I began to think about the prospect of painting a fiberglass cow, almost the size of a live cow and wondering if I could. Since I live amongst these bulky, stubborn animals, I can’t say I enjoy them. I do think the babies are adorable, but I find baby anythings are especially lovable.

In my experience, the least green plant, especially roses, attract cowss. Soon after moving into our home, a fence was left open overnight. How a cow and her darling offsprings noticed this opening, is still a mystery to me. There must be some redeeming intelligence. You should have seen me bawl.

So with this image in mind of the cow instructing her offspring how to devour the most beautiful parts of my garden, I decided to paint this cow “Serrafina”, by name, in a lovely garden.

She will be covered with flowers, fruits and vegetables, enjoying life to the fullest. And I will enjoy painting her.

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