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Artist: Sara Lane

Sponsor: True Myth

Beneficiaries: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage Foundation & The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County


About the Artist:

Sara Lane (Sara LeGrady) was born in Nebraska and moved to California when she was 11. Obsessed with art and painting since birth, she knew she was on her way to becoming an artist. After studying Art and Design at Cal Poly from 2004 – 2008, she graduated and refused to leave San Luis Obispo. She began to work as a local artist at Trader Joe’s and has since become known as an “on call” sign painter creating custom art for many wineries and clients on the Central Coast. She met her musical husband through their love for art and each of them have worked on multiple collaborations together as well. She also creates her own personal art which has shown at multiple venues such as Linnaea’s, Tigerlily, Foremost and The ARTery.

These pieces represent the freedom to express ourselves and our unique spirits through the use of vibrant color, contrasting lines and emotion weaved together as a celebration of natural human rights.

She reflects a woman‘s vulnerabilities and strengths to create a form that embodies the inner beauty of every woman.