Under the Oaks (Click Here)

Under the Oaks (more…)

Artist: Robin Smith

Sponsor: Dignity Health

Beneficiary: French Hospital Medical Center Foundation


About the Artist:

oaks_Robin SmithI’m Robin Smith and I’m an artist, writer, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator…I guess you can say that I wear a lot of hats! I’ve produced television stories for about 30 years and I love it when I can bring my own art and illustrations into a production. I few years ago I won an Emmy for a short documentary that was visualized with my mixed media art.

My Cow Parade design started out as a kind of “snapshot” story. As I have driven around this county, I often see cows grazing on open, golden grassland. The scene always has a few tall, dark oaks keeping watch. That was the story I wanted to capture with my cow. It was called “Under the Oaks.” But, like most art adventures, the story evolved. When my design was chosen by Dignity Health, French Hospital Medical Center, I found that I had a new emotional connection.

The strong oak tree represents health and healing practices reaching throughout our community.
The dots symbolize human connection that fosters strength, purpose, kindness and love. The multicolored dots represent patients and their families connecting with medical professionals, staff, volunteers and all those who make health and wellness possible in our community.