CowParade Hong Kong 2013!

CowParade opens a special event in Hong Kong on 27 April 2013.  In partnership with The Link and Lamborghini, the event will feature five cows created by renowned artists and designers from around the world. The event is a celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary, and the cows will be created in the Lamborghini spirit – Extreme, Italian, Uncompromising. The cows will be sold at auction by Poly Auction (Hong Kong) for the benefit of Heifer International and Giving Love. Click Here to learn more about this first of its kind event.


CowParade Valenciennes 2013!

CowParade travels to Valenciennes, France in the summer and fall of 2013!  Blank cows will arrive in town in August and will be painted by local and regional artists in a common studio. The cows will go “on parade” for public display 14 September 2013 through 12 November 2013. The cows will be sold at auction on 6 November 2013. Click Here to learnmore about this exciting event.

Calendar of Events


What: Opening Press Conference by the event organizers and city leaders

Where: Town Hall, Valenciennes, France

Friday, August 30 – Friday, September 12. GRAND ARISTS WORKSHOP

What: Local and regional artists will work together in a giant workshop, open to the public.

Where: Coming Soon!

Friday, September 13. OPENING CEREMONY

What: Grand opening of CowParade Valenciennes at l’Atelier des Artistes in the presence of personalities from the artistic and cultural media.

Where: l’Atelier des Artists, Espace CHEMINOTS, 60 Raven Road, Valenciennes, France

Saturday, September 14 – Tuesday, November 12, 2013. COWS “ON PARADE”

What: New cow masterpieces by Valenciennes’ artists go “on parade”. Each cow will be on display, free of charge to the public.

Where: Valenciennes, France

November 20.  LIVE AUCTION, 6 November 2013 at 6:30 PM

What: CowParade Valenciennes concludes with a live auction of the cows to benefit one or more local charities. The cows will be auction under the hammer of a renowned auctioneer.

Click Here to visit the official event website…

Bella Italia, special cow by Emilio Robba

ShopCowparade has just released a special cow – Bella Italia by Emilio Robba.
About Bella Italia. Designed by Emilio Robba, Bella Italia is a special CowParade creation.

Throughout his life, Emilio Robba has approached his creations with the eyes of a designer and hands of an architect. Each work of art emulates his unquestionable passion for the Natural world around him and he continues to make special, unique wonders.

He proudly shares with us his newest creation, Bella Italia, a life-size cow designed for CowParade. The whimisical designs depict the essence of Italy, with timeless photography of the proud country’s history and passion for the Arts. Drawing inspiration from his own past, he brings to light the beauty and enduring presence of Italy.

The replica version of Bella Italia was created using a special decal technique. The details captured in the replica are simply extraordinary. The cow sites on a faux stone base where you will find Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers who are the mythological founders of Rome.

Bella Italia

Cow Parade Sculpture By Hartford Artist Sells For Record $150,000 — To Luci Baines Johnson

Forget what the economists say — it’s a bull market. At least it was in Austin, Texas this week when former First Daughter Luci Baines Johnson paid $150,000 for “Penny Bull,” a life-size sculpture of a longhorn steer at the auction following the city’s Cow Parade.

It was the highest price ever paid for a Cow Parade sculpture — and it was made by Hartford artist Tao Labossiere. The one-of-a-kind art cows fetch about $7,500 each at auction, on average. Read full story on the Hartford Courant website.