Final DASHI Winners

The final four new design winners have been announced. Creative, unique and incredible. Soon to be transformed to life-size works.


Artists: Yuhui Gui, Changyuan Huang and Yang Luo

Afu Doll Cow

Artist: Mingy Chen

Autumn Scent of the Mountain Chrysanthemum

Artist: Keying Zong

White Muse

Artist: Shuxin Che

More Winning Designs…

Three new winning designs have been formally released by the DASHI Awards. This group features a porcelain cow, a slinky bovine and cityscape design.

Blue & White Porcelain

Artist: Xiaoxuan Huang










Spring Cow

Artist: Xingzhen Tan













Pregnant City-Born

Artist: Jiangcheng Yi


CowParade Shanghai 2018 by DASHI Awards

The CowParade has returned to Shanghai, China with a special display of  our favorite cows from past CowParade events called the Global Masters Cow Exhibition. The special event is in partnership with the DASHI Awards. The cows will soon be joined by more cows created by top designers from China.

Where to See the Cows?

The Global Masters Cow Exhibition was officially opened at 1788 International Center, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District in Shanghai, China. This property is also known as the South Jing’an District, 1788 West Beijing Road, which is part of the Jing’an District’s fashion district and home to the Yuyuan Road 40 Family Furniture Store.

The herd of cows will be joined on July 18th by the DASHI Awards. Click Here to learn more about this special event.

The Cows. Below is a sneak preview of the cows you will find grazing at 1788 International Center. More photos to follow.