Student Artists in North Hudson, Wisconsin!

We have a mini CowParade taking place at the North Hudson Elementary school in North Hudson, Wisconsin. The mini CowParade is led by Brian Burbach and Jennifer Schwalbach, two of the school’s 5th Grade teachers. The event features 25 of our Paint-Your-Own Cows which will be designed, painted and adorned by teams of student artists. The finished masterpieces will be sold by the schoold for the benefit of its Angel fund, which supports area families with financial needs, such as schood supplies, field trip expenses, groceries and other necessities.

It has been student led project from the beginning.  The project was conceived in Mr. Burbach’s writing class, when students discovered and researched the history of the CowParade.  As the students research progressed, their interest grew.  Together the students and Mr. Burbach decided they would try to model a North Hudson Elementary CowParade based the world famous, life-size version of the CowParade event. Mr. Burbach contacted CowParade to see how they could get involved. “Once we got CowParade’s support, we knew we could make this a reality,” said Mr. Burbach.  “There’s another 5th grade class in our school so we involved them as well.  Now students are working in pairs to create their own cows.  The auction is coming up and tied to our school’s big year-end writing celebration. ” The cows will be sold at a special auction on June 6, 2013.  Details about the sale of the cows will follow. Below are preliminary photos. More to follow!

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Lamborghini Cows Raise Over $100,000!

On 27 April 2013, the five special Lamborghini-inspired cows were sold at auction, bringing in 821,000 (HK) or $110,000 (USD).

 Below is a listing of the cow auction prices.
1. Extraordinary: HK$110,000
2. La Strada: HK$60,000
4. Cowborghini-cow: HK$101,000
5. Acted At Heart: HK$500,000
Live Auction Photo

CowParade Hong Kong, Opening Schedule (27 April 13)

Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza 2013 Kick-off Ceremony

CowParade Hong Kong 2013 opens 27 April 2013! Below is the Kick-Off schedule.

Super Sports Car Parade On HK Island

A historical scene with over 30 Lamborghini super sports cars, starting from Central and parading through the most iconic city views to Stanley Plaza.
Time: 10:00 AM
Charity Photo-taking Session

Donate $300 or more for a photo opportunity of you seated inside a Lamborghini and receive an instant photo frame as souvenir.
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Live Charity Auction

5 life-sized cow sculptures will be put up for a charity auction on site conducted by Poly Auction (Hong Kong Limited). Thanks to Poly Auction (Hong Kong) for supporting this charity auction.
Time: 2:00 PM

The kick-off on 27 April will be followed by a public display of the cows through 19 May 2013. Click Here or the image below for a full event schedule.