CowParade Timeline NEW

CowParade Timeline


Chicago, Illinois, USA


New York City, New York, USA

Stamford, Connecticut, USA

West Orange, New Jersey, USA


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

Sydney, Australia


London, England

Ventspils, Latvia

Portland, Oregon

Las Vegas, Nevada


Atlanta, Georgia

San Antonio, Texas

West Hartford, Connecticut

Tokyo, Japan

Isle of Man, UK

Dublin, Ireland

Brussels, Belgium

Auckland, New Zealand


Manchester, UK

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Prague, Czech Republic

Stockholm, Sweden


Johannesburg, South Africa

Barcelona, Spain


Bratislava, Slovakia

Geneva, Switzerland

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Moscow, Russia

Bucharest, Romania


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Florence, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal

Paris, France

Edinburgh, Scotland

Budapest, Hungary

Athens, Greece

Boston, Massachusetts

Denver, Colorado

Wisconsin, USA

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil

Guadalajara, Mexico


Milano, Italy

Vigo, Spain

Marseille, France

Istanbul, Turkey

Copenhagen, Denmark

Miami, Florida

West Hartford, Connecticut


Isle of Capri, Italy

San Jose, Costa Rica

Tijuana, Mexico

Leon, Mexico


Madrid, Spain

La Jolla, California

Taipei, Taiwan

Hong Kong

Flushing, NY

Lima, Peru


Margaret River, Australia

Bordeaux, France

Rome, Italy

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Izmir, Turkey

Porto Alegre, Brazil


Austin, Texas, USA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Santa Catarina, Brazil


Goiânia, Brazil

North Carolina, USA

Northern Ireland

Toulouse, France


Hong Kong

Valenciennes, France

Ventspils, Latvia


Detroit, Michigan, USA

Shanghai, China


California, USA

Cartagena, Colombia

Niseko, Japan


CowParade Shanghai 2014-2015!

CowParade Coming To Shanghai


We are pleased to announce the launch of CowParade Shanghai 2014-2015 beginning with a kick-off event scheduled for late September 2014. The kick-off event will feature the introduction of the first official artists and cows of CowParade Shanghai. It is expected that over 500 cows will be created as part of this historic, 80th CowParade event.  The distinctive charm and spirit of Shanghai promises to  bring a unique vitality to this CowParade event.

Organizers of Cowparade Shanghai,  Shanghai Media Group and Halcyon Gallery, will mobilize hundreds of artists and celebrities in China to create one-of-a-kind cow designs and artworks. They will also collect designs from the public. One of the main goal’s of the event is ‘Promoting Art Education for Children’.  A series of art lessons for children is planned and donations will be made to various philanthropic organizations when the cows are sold at auction at the conclusion of the event.

“In major cities, especially super-sized metropolises like Shanghai, people are living at a fast pace,” said Wu Xiaofeng, deputy manager of SMG LIVE, “Public art events such as CowParade are much needed in these cities in order to bring people joy and relaxation.”

Shanghai Opening 2 shanghai opening

About the Organizers. A major player in the media industry, Shanghai Media Group (SMG) has been promoting new cultural concepts, enhancing art development and improving art appreciation among the general public as part of its corporate responsibility. SMG’s business covers news, media operations, network transfer, live entertainment, tourism, home shopping, IP distribution, and culture-related investments.

Founded in 1982, Halcyon Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary art working closely with emerging and established international artists.  From its inception, Halcyon Gallery has championed painters who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity and with whom we have worked to produce world-class art exhibitions that translate to a global audience. The Gallery represents a selection of renowned artists from all over the world, including the UK, America, Colombia, Spain, Italy and Russia. With three art galleries in London and one art gallery in Shanghai, we are committed to nurturing the careers of all our artists by offering professional support and providing the invaluable opportunity for artistic innovation.

Email Ron Fox, for more information about this exciting event. Stay tuned to more information in the coming weeks!


Special Event Coming to Detroit!

Calling all Artists. We are inviting Detroit’s premier artists and craftsmen to participate in an ‘udderly’ unique event. CowParade and the A
merican Cancer Society (ACS) have partnered to bring 14 cows to the Motor City as part of the ACS Cattle Baron’s Ball.

Click Here for an Artist Packet, which provides all of the details. Please reply to this email if you have any questions, or please feel free to call Christine Kenny at (248) 663-3414.

Quick Facts

  • Submission Deadline: August 20, 2014
  • Artist Selection: Ongoing, August 15 – 30, 2014
  • Cow Painting October 1 – 31, 2014
  • Cows “On Parade”: November 2014
  • Artist Fee: $1,000, if selected and cow purchased/sponsored

Interested in Purchasing a Cow? The one-of-a-kind cows will be sold as part of the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron Ball Detroit. Please call Christine Kenny of the ACS for sale information.