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Artist: Lois Keller

Sponsor: UPS

Beneficiaries: ARTS Obispo, CMSF Heritage Foundation & The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County



About the Artist:

Lois Keller has been a community artist for over 25 years. She started out in Theatre as a scenic artist, where she enjoyed the collaboration of many artists coming together to engage an audience in numerous productions. With this background and a strong foundation in painting she continued into mural making for community events, festivals, theme parks, restaurants, community centers and schools. This including the public art “Suite Home Chicago” in 2001, a public art walk similar to Cows on Parade. All the while drawing, painting and sketching her own works of art for herself, the occasional group show and a few individual showcases as well.

Lois grew up in the midwest in Chicago and Wisconsin, but now calls Los Angeles her home that she shares with her husband, two daughters and four dogs. Always creating something new, her palette has recently been reduced in color to that of a Trader Joe’s Grocery Bag as her domestic life and caregiving roles have dominated her art supplies.

Tell us about your design, “Friendly”…

Public art can bring a community together simply by inviting the world to it’s doorstep to view it. This was the inspiration behind my Cows on Parade design. San Luis Obispo already a welcoming place of beauty, history, education and modern thought. Hosting this exhibit is just another example of the spirit behind the people who have chosen to live along this gorgeous coastline.

People of all ages will be sure to say “Hello”, “Salve”, or “Ni Hao” to this cow. Her bright colors with hands of all different shapes and sizes waving to passers by can also teach them how to say “hello” in many different languages.

“Friendly” might just be the spot where families, friends or even strangers can meet and celebrate the diversity of this special place on earth.

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