Big cow, little cow: Young local artist works alongside hero Man One at Cow Parade

arts-lead-man-one-pic2-09-08When Just Looking Gallery director Ken McGavin decided to bring something different to the art community in San Luis Obispo about four years ago, he never thought it would change anyone’s life per se.

arts-lead-man-one-pic1-09-080The gallery started carrying the gritty, colorful work of internationally renowned street artist Man One, who has done live spray paint installations for companies like Coca-Cola and bands like The Black Eyed Peas.

“We wanted to introduce something new and cutting edge to the whitest town in America,” McGavin said. Then, one day a white, blue-eyed, 8-year-old boy with coke-bottle glasses named Dylan Ehmke walked through the gallery doors in downtown SLO and promptly shrieked with excitement.

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