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Featuring Artiste Christian Gastaldi (Paris)

Cow: Affichage Sauvache
Artist: Christian Gastaldi
Hometown: Sete (France) and Paris (France)
Event: CowParade Transhumance France 2015 (Paris)

Artist Chri486478_4638158233788_973874847_nstian Gastaldi is painter and mixed media artist. Raised in Sete, France,  along the shores of the Mediterranean, Christian now makes his home in Paris, France.  His paintings borrow colors and texture  from used and torn posters, magazines and other paper items.  His recent  work has been dominated by the use of posters collected from illegal postings in Paris known as “affichage sauvache” (translated, “wild or savage display”).  He is attracted by the ‘humanity’ and fragility perceived in this material which has suffered the passing of time.  The artist aims to magnify them through a restored graphic harmony – an artistic redemption.

His cow, Afficage Sauvache (or wild cow display) is a composition of illegal postings from posters and other media from the streets of Paris. You can find her in Paris, France from June 20 through August 18, 2015 at the Jardin d’Acclimation. She will be sold at auction in the fall of 2015 for the benefit of Les Restaurants du Cœur. Learn more…



The Tree of Life, by Chiara Muller

The Tree of Life
Artist: Chiara Muller
CowParade Transhumance 2015 (Paris, France)

The Cow “The Tree of Life” represent an ancient tree that lives in Asiago, the artist’s hometown. The various background colours represent the range of our feelings each day. The tree is able to endure everything and is always alive. “With this painting, I would like to give a sense of hope for each of us to be able to face the difficulties of life.”

Chiara has participated in many international art events, including Who’s the next, Arte Laguna, Premio Celeste, Cow Parade Valenciennes 2013, Cow Parade Paris 2015. Her works have been exhibitied in Milano (Palazzo Isimbardi and Expo Palazzo dei Giureconsulti), Roma (Chiostro del Bramante) and Verona (Palazzo Castellani).

The Tree of Life is part of CowParade Transhumance 2015 (Paris, France), which features 33 cows on exhibition in the beautiful Jardin d’Acclimation (Paris). Click Here to learn more about this moo’ving event. Visit the artist on Facebook – click here.

The Making of “The Tree of Life”


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