Featuring Alice Laverty (Paris Event)

The magnificent A PORTÉE DE MAINS (“Fingertips”) by Alice Laverty shows off the artist at her finest and most playful, focusing on the form and features of the human hand and its fingertips.

About the Artist. Alice, born in 1983, lives and creates in Paris.  A graduate of the school of art and drawing, Emile Cohl in Lyon, she moved in 2013, in her first workshop. The same year, the house Dominique Stal at Drouot sold her first paintings and she received her official listing.

Playing on false classicism, Alice  seeks to gently strike the imagination, painting characters grappling with their emotions.  Her use of color represents various human emotions. Red, representing blood and heat, for example.  Her work is also replete with dual representation – In the flesh: the hardness of the blade immersed in the smoothness of the color of the oil. In the spirit: the background form of contrasts, subjects and actions, explicit and suggested.

She tries to say “emotion”  with minimal graphics means. The desired balance point is none other than the time the witness when he feels an emotion, and the artist believes that oil is the perfect substitute for it to embody humanity: sensual, inscrutable, brilliant.

In 2014, Alice participated in group exhibitions in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine (92). Her next exhibition will be held in June at the “Fabrica del Vapore” in Milan where she will present twenty small canvases, medium and large format. Visit Alice at www.alice-artworks.com.

The Making of A Portée de Mains (“Fingertips”)

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CowParade Niseko, Japan

CowParade Niseko, Japan 2015

CowParade Niseko 2015 will feature over 40 new cows created by top Japanese artists and designers. Set agaisnt the backdrop of Mt. Yotei – an active volcano similar to Mt. Fuji – the Niseko region is a feast for the eyes. In the winter,  the champagne powder snow and pristine ski slopes attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world, and in summer visitors are drawn by the wide open countryside, farm-fresh produce and summer sporting activities. Click Here to visit the event website.

CowParade Valenciennes, Final Event and Auction News

Final Parade of Cows. A beautiful, final parade of the cows will take place on the steps of the stage of Hainaut from November 1-3 in conjunction with the Salon du Chocolat in Valenciennes. For more information email us today at veronique.maurey@cowparade-valenciennes.com.

Live Auction. The live auction of the cows will also be held on November 6 at the stage of Hainaut at 6:30 PM for the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale de Valenciennes and Pose association.  The catalog of the Cow Parade cows Valenciennes are auctioned is now visible on the site and www.drouotlive.com Master Arnaud Cornette de Saint Cyr http://www.cornettedesaintcyr.fr (click on “calendar”). Half of the proceeds of the sale will go to benefit two structures with a social purpose: the Community Centre for Social Action of Valenciennes and Pose, which helps women in need of life by hosting and providing them reinsertions Association.

Click Here for more auction information.

Auction Catalog. Click Here for a pdf of the auction catalog.


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