CowParade Valenciennes, Final Event and Auction News

Final Parade of Cows. A beautiful, final parade of the cows will take place on the steps of the stage of Hainaut from November 1-3 in conjunction with the Salon du Chocolat in Valenciennes. For more information email us today at

Live Auction. The live auction of the cows will also be held on November 6 at the stage of Hainaut at 6:30 PM for the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale de Valenciennes and Pose association.  The catalog of the Cow Parade cows Valenciennes are auctioned is now visible on the site and Master Arnaud Cornette de Saint Cyr (click on “calendar”). Half of the proceeds of the sale will go to benefit two structures with a social purpose: the Community Centre for Social Action of Valenciennes and Pose, which helps women in need of life by hosting and providing them reinsertions Association.

Click Here for more auction information.

Auction Catalog. Click Here for a pdf of the auction catalog.


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