Billy the Artist is Off to Hong Kong!

New York City’s own, Billy the Artist, is off to Hong Kong. He will arrive tomorrow to begin painting Cow-borghini. Stay tuned for daily photos of the birth of his cow.
Billy The Artist (BTA) is an internationally
renowned artist whose studio is based in New York City. His projects and designs have been seen all over the world with such global brands as Swatch, Puma, MTV, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Mountain Dew, Gibson Guitar, to epic live painting events in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, Nescafe Champs Snowboarding Championship in Leysin, Switzerland and Fashion Week Athens and Madrid. His artwork has been exhibited in Galleries globally including New York, Zurich, Mexico, Shanghai and more.
Cow-Borghini. The idea of the design is to convey the cool, clean, slick vibe of what Lamborghini is all about. The eyes have the outline of the Lamborghini logo with mixed in faces, elements of the car, and the image of a driver, his hair blowing in the wind as a sails down winding roads feeling free and alive.
Cowborghini Cow Artist: Billy the Artist

Cowborghini Cow
Artist: Billy the Artist

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